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Get Me Funds has been serving customers since 2008. Over this period of time we have helped hundreds of consumers fulfil their borrowing needs, through our professional loan placement services.

Founded by former Real Estate Investors, we understand how important it is to have access to capital funds, when the investment opportunity presents itself. After years of struggling with banks and working with mortgage lenders that did not understand the intricacies of real estate investments, they began looking for alternative funding options. Foreclosures and short sales, are difficult to fund through traditional banks, which do not understand the market, or have the speed needed to provide adequate funding.

Through the search for alternative funding to meet our capital investment needs, we discovered a better way to finance projects without using traditional bank lending. This opened the door for starting Get Me Funds. As we met with other investors and other consumers, we realized there was a huge need for alternative lending in the marketplace.

Through extensive research, personal experience and strategic partnerships we have been able to establish relationship with over 2000 lending institutions. They partner with Get Me Funds to provide financing for our clients.

Get Me Funds provides a smarter alternative to client borrowing needs. Today’s lending environment is very tight. Even the most qualified borrowers are being turned away and extensions of additional credit are requiring mountains of documentation. For clients with a strong credit history, this process is very frustrating and feels unnecessary. Working with the Funding Company takes the work out of obtaining additional capital.

Even with the tight lending environment, Get Me Funds has partnered with institutions that recognize the need for capital among consumers. They understand that businesses cannot grow and consumers cannot inject spending, through capital projects, without lending that enables the process to move forward. Our financial partners also recognize our stringent qualification process. This allows us to provide funding for all clients that meet our lending guidelines.

Our straightforward approach to lending, rewards consumers with stellar credit history, with access to the capital they need. Whether they are looking to grow their small business, add home improvements, or purchase distressed real estate, we can provide the funding necessary to make those goals a reality.

We are proud of our history and work hard to satisfy our clients. Get Me Funds focuses on meeting our customer’s needs and providing the best customer service in the industry. We work with clients personally and go the extra mile when needed, to provide them with the funding solutions they are seeking.