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Why Us?

Are you in need of fast funding but are tired of dealing with a traditional bank? Look no further, Get Me Funds can provide fast funding for all your financing needs. When the housing market crashed in 2008, banks pulled back on lending. The result was that even the most qualified borrowers were being turned down for loans. Market impact was immediately felt in the housing market and then trickled down to all lending options. Over the past several years banks have made lending even more difficult than is was in the past. From home loans and car loans to credit cards, lending is still tight and it feels like banks look for an excuse to deny a loan, rather than seeking to approve a loan. Banks only want to lend you money if you don’t need the money. No doc loans

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Too often lending requirements, parameters, and underwriting is a mystery to consumers. At Get Me Funds, we believe that the better consumers understand the process, the more approvals we will be able to offer. This philosophy of educating customers provides a much stronger lending platform, where our customers can help themselves better qualify for funding.

Get Me Funds does not require income verification, asset verification, or employment verification. As a result we require a strong credit profile to establish a client’s ability to pay. This enables us to provide funding without the lengthy paperwor

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