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Qualifications Personal Funding

Daniel BensonDaniel Benson
I contacted The Funding Company after being turned down by mortgage and private money lenders. They helped me obtain the $85,000 I needed to purchase a killer investment property. All within 10 days.
Ben DetmireBen Detmire
I was able to save my business by obtaining $125,000 in funding. I didn't even have to secure it against my equipment
Susan LarkinSusan Larkin
We received our first $25,000 in the first 4 days. That allowed us to invest in a project that earned us a return of three times the investment. Thank you TFC!

Qualifications Personal Funding

Up to $200,000 in Revolving Credit
Fund in 7-10 Business Days
No income documentation required
No employment verification
100% Unsecured
No home or assets required
We have “Equifax Only” funding Option
No business plan necessary

680 or below in some cases
Revolving balances below 60% of credit limit
At least 4 “open” & “seasoned” primary tradelines
No more than 4 inquiries per bureau last 90 days
Prior BK must be over 5 years

NO Upfront Fees
The fee is 12%